Down Convicts

This database contains the details of the 1300 + convicts from County Down who were transported to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. 

You can find out more about the transportees by using the search facilities below. Prisoners can be filtered by selecting the first initial of their surname or alternatively you can search the database using the search field. 

  • ADAIR, James

  • AGNEW, Susan

  • AICKEN, Thomas

  • ALLEN, Margaret

  • ALLEN, John

  • ALLISON, Joseph

  • ALONE, Daniel

  • ANDERSON, Elizabeth

  • ANDERSON, John

  • ANDREW, Samuel

  • ANDREWS, Robert

  • ANNESLY, Marcus

  • ARMOUR, James

  • ARMSTRONG, Catherine

  • ARMSTRONG, Henry


  • ARMSTRONG, James


  • ATCHESON, Anne

  • ATCHESON, James

  • ATCHESON, Mary

  • ATKINS, Abraham

  • ATTERBORO, Joseph