Murder Mystery Nights

Murdernyserypage_2_(3).jpgTailored for your special occasion!

Are you looking for something a little bit different for your night out, special occasion, social club visit, corporate event or team building exercise? We provide high quality interactive murder mystery events at Down County Museum. Formerly the County Gaol, our historic setting will both chill and thrill you!

Dinner is included and we can accommodate groups of up to 60 people. Please call the Museum on 028 44615218 to request your own special package and prices.

Our three themed packages are:

Murder Mystery 1: World War II Murder Mystery

It’s 1944 and there’s a war on...

A code-breaking unit is stationed in the Old Gaol; their main aim is to intercept messages and capture spies. General Banks has ordered an information night where the public will be instructed in how to help with the “War Effort”. However, the 
unit are a rum lot and High Command fear that there may be a traitor amongst them. Relationships have become heated and somebody is about to be murdered...
We need YOU to assist in our enquires, find the perpetrator, and bring them to justice.

Murder Mystery 2: Victorian Murder Mystery

Step back in time to 1870...

There are strange goings-on at the county gaol. Mr Johnston, the Gaoler, is plagued by his demanding wife, suffocating mother, love-sick doctor, and over-friendly matron. To cap it all, inmates have been dropping like flies and the board of governors are demanding a public investigation.  
Tensions are high, and with secrets to be kept, a murder is the inevitable consequence.
Constable Herbert Thompson needs YOU to assist with his enquiries, interrogate the suspects and bring the villain to justice!

Murder Mystery 3: Witch Murder Mystery

It’s 1650 and witch hunting is rife throughout  Europe...

Accused of being a witch, local girl Tara is brutally murdered as a result of an intrigue involving friends and family, her pleas of innocence falling on deaf ears. Her dying vow is to wreak revenge on all those involved.
Fast forward to present day and eminent historian Mavis Harrison has unearthed Tara’s sad story. Delving further, she discovers a dark sinister tale of deceit, lust and treachery...
Is Tara an innocent victim or sister of the coven? Mavis needs YOUR help to unravel the past and seek out the truth!